Gravity Forms Range Slider

Easy to make use of, versatile and responsive vary slider box with pores and skin enhance for Gravity Forms.

✪ All Slider Options managed with UI
✪ Add any choice of sliders to a kind with out struggle
✪ Supports Conditional Logic
✪ Supports Calculations
✪ Single or Double Handles
✪ Show or Hide Grids
✪ Snap Drag take care of to Grid
✪ Manage Minimum, Maximum Values
✪ Manage From / To Values
✪ Enable Steps
✪ Support for Fractional Steps
✪ Support for Negative and Fractional Values
✪ Prettify Large Numbers with customized separator
✪ Use Prefix or Postfix
✪ Additional possibility so as to add postfix for max price
✪ Custom Values for Slider different vary (eg. Jan, Feb, Mar)
✪ Option so as to add a dependant box which get up to date when the slider is moved.
✪ 06 Beautiful Skins
✪ Add your personal css to customize additional
✪ Enable / Disable any UI component (Eg. Grids, labels)
✪ Touch units enhance
✪ Cross-browser enhance. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+
✪ Premium Support

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