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Project Description

In this comprehensive project, we took on the task of Web Migration and Installation for Alicia Ali’s website, smoothly transitioning it from WordPress.com to a HostGator VPS server. With precision and specialized expertise, we deftly managed the creation of a cPanel environment as part of the VPS setup, ensuring a seamless transition. Our team executed a flawless installation of the WordPress platform, marking a successful Web Migration and Installation from start to finish.

Tools & Technologies Used

HostGator, cPanel, WordPress, Elementor, Yoast SEO, Google AdSense, Wordfence Security



We successfully undertook the intricate task of migrating Alicia Ali’s website, recovering it from WordPress.com to a HostGator VPS server. This involved cPanel creation, WordPress installation, and meticulous design choices. The use of tools such as HostGator, cPanel, WordPress, Divi Theme, migration plugins, and Google Analytics contributed to the project’s success. The result was a flawlessly migrated website with a meticulously redesigned interface that elevated Alicia’s online presence and provided users with an exceptional digital experience.

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