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Responsive Posts Carousel is a light-weight and strong WordPress Plugin that permits you to show Posts, Gallery Images, WooCommerce Products, and all different customized submit varieties in a touch-enabled carousel/slider. You can make a choice from 50+ in a position to make use of templates and will customise them as in line with your want the use of the Live Template Editor. There are a host of settings and choices to be had to create your superior submit slider in simply mins. You can create virtually all sorts of sliders together with ShowCase, Vertical Slider, Multi-Row Slider, and so forth. The selection of columns for sliders may also be outlined one by one for each and every instrument (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) and Equal Height mode makes your slides extra gorgeous and symmetrical. The customized symbol measurement will also be decided on to extend web page load velocity and the lazyload possibility means that you can show your slider because the web page lots.

The Post variety standards also are versatile and you’ll show your posts/cpts by way of IDs, sort, date, creator, standing, taxonomy, time period, or even by way of customized meta. Custom ordering means that you can set up and kind your slides as in line with your wishes. Placeholder Image can be utilized for the ones posts which don’t have a Featured Image. Specific posts will also be excluded from the chosen standards.

You can show a customized meta of posts/cpts within the slider. Advanced Custom Fields also are supported. All templates may also be overridden to make adjustments in them by way of copying them within the Theme’s/Child Theme’s listing, similar to WordPress’s different template recordsdata. Page Builders also are supported to show the real content material slightly than printing the real shortcodes.

AJAX-based popup (lightbox) allows you to briefly view the entire submit proper above the slider, with out if truth be told going to the submit main points web page.


  • 50+ Templates: Yes, there are 50+ distinctive and fashionable tempates to be had to choose between.
  • Easy Selection: Simple submit variety. You can make a selection by way of submit IDs, taxonomies or phrases.
  • Responsive: Its absolutely responsive and scales with its container.
  • Social Sharing: 15+ Social Networks to choose between, to show their buttons on templates.
  • AJAX Popup: Post Popup could also be to be had and popup template may also be loaded from the theme for customizations.
  • Custom Meta: Display customized meta for name and outline.
  • RTL Mode: Right to Left mode will also be became on.
  • WooCommerce: Supported with WooCommerce, supply meta key woo_price to show formatted value of product.
  • RWD: Different format settings for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop perspectives.
  • Vertical Mode: Vertical slide mode could also be to be had to show within the sidebars.
  • Custom Easing: 24 Animations to be had to select for slide transition.
  • Custom Image Sizes: You can load any measurement of Featured Image registered by way of your theme.
  • Placeholder: Set a default symbol for the ones posts which don’t have any featured symbol.
  • Grid Mode: You too can show a couple of rows of posts in one slider.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading for enormous pictures.
  • Infinite: Infinite looping and middle mode.
  • Equal Height Mode: Fix pictures top with out stretching them to make all templates similar in measurement.
  • Child Theme Support: Load templates out of your theme if you wish to make adjustments in them.
  • CPT Support: All customized submit varieties are supported together with testimonials, portfolios and so forth.
  • ACF Support: Supported with Advanced Custom Fields to show customized meta values in templates.
  • Custom Ordering: Sort your carousel pieces by way of date, IDs, titles or any customized meta order.
  • Accessibility: Swipe to slip and desktop mouse dragging improve.
  • Navigation: Arrows and backside navigation indicator dots.
  • Arrow Styles: 10 arrow kinds and customized settings to customise them.
  • Auto Play: Auto Play with customized slide length and customized velocity.


14.0 – 23 June 2021

* Feature Added: New UI
* Bug Fixed: Errors associated with JS

13.7 – 3 April 2020

* Feature Added: Popup improve - Option to open posts in a ajax founded lightbox
* Feature Added: Elementor Builder improve for the contents
* Bug Fixed: Color picker no longer showing as it should be for some issues
* POT up to date

13.6 – 27 October 19

* Feature Added: Drag submit titles to type as in line with your want
* Bug Fixed: Number of posts to slip isn't operating as in line with settings

13.5 – 15 September 19

* Feature Added: Attachments improve added
* Feature Added: 4 Template Styles added for WooCommerce Products 
* Feature Added: 1 New Arrow place added 
* Feature Added: Setting to modify backside navigation dots colour 
* Feature Added: Center Mode massive measurement of centered submit
* Feature Added: CSS Optimized and unused code got rid of 
* Bug Fixed: Vertical Slider bring to a halt
* Bug Fixed: Conflict with some theme's scripts/kinds
* POT up to date

13.4 – 25 May 19

Feature Added: Same Height possibility for all slides
Feature Added: Multisite Support
Bug Fixed - Headings Capitalization is fastened
Bug Fixed - Template 47 separator colour no longer converting
rpc_query_args clear out provides carousel ID as a clear out argument

13.3 – 17 April 19

Feature Added: Smooth Scrolling (linear easing possibility)
Feature Added: A New Template (Style 47)
Feature Added: Custom Arrow Positions
Feature Added: RTL Mode
Feature Added: Full-Width Mode
Feature Added: Load customized.js script document from theme/kid theme (pasting it within rpc listing)
Feature Added: Adaptive Height
Feature Added: Append to Trimmed Text possibility (append customized textual content with the trimmed one)
Feature Added: Shortcodes/Page Builders improve
Feature Added: Allow customers to pull or swipe at once to a slide
Feature Added: Query params supported within the shortcode (learn the medical doctors for extra main points)
Bug Fixed: Arrows don't seem to be symmetrical
Bug Fixed: More than 1000 posts smash the edit carousel display is fastened
Bug Fixed: Initial slide inflicting surprising conduct (empty slides and so forth)

13.2 – 8 March 19

Bug Fixed - Template no longer loading from Child Themes
Bug Fixed - Template 35 colour and background warfare

13.1 – 5 March 19

Feature Added - Vertical Slider Mode
Feature Added - Pause on Hover possibility added
Feature Added - Infinite Looping
Feature Added - Center Mode
Feature Added - Custom Initial Slide
Feature Added - 24+ Easing Animation Options for Sliding
Feature Added - Lazy Loading of pictures for higher efficiency

13.0 – 4 March 19

Initial Release

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